Pest Control

Pest Control

Perimeter insect control is a clear liquid application around the outside of the foundation of your home. This treatment provides a barrier approximately five feet wide around your home.

We offer a 4 Step Treatment Program (Spring – Summer – Late Summer – Fall) starting at $49.95 per treatment for most homes that will provide season long control.

  • Single Treatments are available upon request.
  • Treatments do not include structural control for termites or rodents.

Tips to Reduce Insect Invaders

  • Check caulking around exterior windows and doors (exterior lighting on your house attracts insects at night)
  • Make sure all wall vents are properly screened
  • Keep garbage cans tightly covered
  • Avoid stacking firewood against your house on the ground
  • Keep items in pantry sealed in plastic containers (i.e. open boxes of cereal, bags of sugar)
  • Make sure utility lines (cables & pipes) entering your home have a good seal
  • Make sure shrubs and beds around the foundation of your home are maintained and not overgrown
  • Check any items or areas that collect dormant water for periods of time outside your home

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