Grub Control Services

Grubs may be small, but they can damage your lawn severely. That’s where the grub control services from SunBlest Lawn Care help. Our comprehensive solution eliminates harmful pests and protects yards from destructive habits. Get an instant quote on our website or call us at (317) 279-4829 to learn more. We serve Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding areas.

Grub Control Services in Indianapolis

Elite Grub Control for Lawn

SunBlest Lawn Care makes grub control for your lawn manageable. Persistent pests like grubs, cutworms, and chinch bugs are no match for our licensed experts. Here’s what our process includes:

Targeted Treatment

Based on our findings, we apply a proven, safe, and eco-friendly insecticide to target the troublesome grubs without harming grass or other beneficial organisms.

Preventative Measures

Next, we offer guidance for resisting future grub infestations.

Follow-Up and Monitoring

Our team will monitor the situation closely, ensuring grubs are gone, and if required, we’ll apply subsequent treatments for complete removal.

Reasons to Get Lawn Grub Treatment Services

Grub control is essential to maintain your lawn’s overall health and appearance. Some reasons to choose our preventative grub treatment include:

Damage Prevention

Grubs feed on grass roots, causing large lawn areas to die and turn brown.

Attracting Other Pests

Raccoons, moles, and birds will flock to your yard for their next meal if grubs override your lawn.

Associated Diseases

Grubs spread diseases and damage grass health and aesthetic appeal.

Long-Term Affected Growth

Severe infestations cause irreversible damage, leading to costly lawn replacements or extended restoration processes.

Improve Other Services

If you’ve selected other services like crabgrass control, fertilization, weed control, aeration, or combined aeration and overseeding, grubs can counteract these treatments.

Why Choose SunBlest Lawn Care?

High-Quality Service

We proudly provide exceptional lawn care services, creating beautiful, well-maintained landscapes that meet our clients’ needs and satisfaction.


Every lawn specialist is a state-licensed turf professional in Indiana.

Locally Owned and Operated

As an Indianapolis-based lawn company, we understand the specific needs and challenges of maintaining lawns in our region.

Free Consultation and Estimate

Each estimate is a no-obligation estimate, allowing you to make informed decisions about your lawn care needs.


Keep Grubs at Bay: Contact Us Today

Don’t let grubs destroy your picturesque and serene backyard. SunBlest Lawn Care’s expertise in grub control services will eliminate infestations and maintain your turf’s beauty and health. Contact us online to schedule a consultation, or call (317) 279-4829. We’ve served Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding areas since 1998, including Zionsville, Westfield, McCordsville, New Palestine, Greenwood, and more.

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