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In Indiana, some wear and tear to your lawn during cold and snowy months is inevitable. To mitigate potential damage, limit foot traffic on your lawn, use salt and de-icers sparingly, and apply a winter fertilizer to help the lawn stay healthy.

Every January, we send out a letter to customers with a list of renewing services for the year, and we apply a discount as an offer through February 28. After this date, you may still prepay, but we do not apply the discount. Customers do not need to prepay to use our services.

Prepayment sits on your account as a credit, and we send an invoice for each service after we perform it. If you add a service in the middle of the year, this service will draw on your account credit and leave an account shortage at the end of the year. Once the credit runs out, we’ll send invoices to you with your balance.

If your lawn has more than 50% leaf coverage or requires a broad spray, we will skip that day’s service and reschedule for when you’ve cleared the leaves. We use a slow-release granular fertilizer, so with less than 50% coverage, the granules can get to the soil. Weeds are generally visible under these conditions, so we can continue the service unless we need to spray the entire lawn with weed control.

Let us know if you always have extensive leaf coverage on your property. We can add a note to call you ahead of service to confirm the lawn is ready for treatment.

Fertilization is not negatively impacted by light rain shortly after service because water releases nitrogen into the soil. Heavy rain can result in water runoff, which can negatively affect fertilization. Weed control can be hindered by mild to heavy rain within the first three hours after service, but light rain and damp conditions often positively affect the weeds’ ability to absorb products. We’ll gladly reapply weed control products if you notice no difference after 14 days.

Generally, weeds die within 7-14 days. The time of year and weather conditions inform our approach to achieving the best results without overexposing your lawn to chemicals. It takes more time for weeds to die in hot and dry conditions. If weeds still plague your yard after 14 days, we’ll retreat your lawn at no extra cost.

We recommend staying off the lawn until dry and minimizing access for 24 hours. Since we practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we can reduce the use of pesticide products over time with incredible results.

Generally, we suggest waiting 24 hours unless your service includes grub control, disease control, or any other service that requires water for activation. We use herbicide products that harden in a few hours for weed control, but waiting will maximize their effectiveness.

Wait 24 hours to allow herbicides to absorb into weeds and maximize their effectiveness fully.

Keep your pets off the lawn until fully dry, and minimize their access for the first 24 hours after service.

Customers can get an instant quote online by entering an address and contact information.

We offer a generous prepay discount for anybody who pays for a service before the end of February. Please check our specials page to see the other discounts we offer our loyal customers.

Premiere Plus 6+

Premiere Plus 6+ is an annual premiere lawn care program featuring crabgrass, weed, and grub control, plus fertilization and regular lawn assessments.

Get a lush and healthy lawn all year long. Our trained and licensed lawn specialists consistently care for your yard, protecting it from spring through winter.

This program includes grub and insect control measures to protect your lawn. Additional services like perimeter pest control are add-ons.

Premiere 6

The Premiere 6 program provides year-round care for your lawn by achieving a lush, healthy look throughout the year.

Premiere 6 includes pre-emergent crabgrass control, slow-release fertilization, and weed control at different stages of the year. We also provide lawn assessments and make recommendations based on your lawn’s condition.

Indiana Essential 5

Indiana Essential 5 helps homeowners eliminate weeds and maintain a lush, green lawn. The target customer for this program does not plan on watering enough in the summer to prevent dormancy.

With this program, we only apply pre-emergent crabgrass control in the eary spring. Then, we use fertilization and weed control in the early spring, early summer, and fall. Our pros will assess your lawn, too.

Perimeter Pest

Keep the pests outside your home with the Perimeter Pest Program from SunBlest Lawn Care. We create a barrier around the house to prevent pests, including ants and spiders, from entering.

We apply a liquid application outside your home’s foundation. The barrier is approximately five feet wide.

No, it does not.

Yes, single treatments are available upon request.

Yes. We suggest checking caulking around exterior windows and doors, keeping garbage cans covered, avoiding stacking firewood against your home, ensuring utility lines are properly sealed, and adequately maintaining shrubs and beds around your home’s foundation.

Additional Services

We use pre-emergent herbicides that target crabgrass seeds before they germinate. Then, we add post-emergent treatments for established plants as the weather warms up, ensuring a crabgrass-free lawn. Building turf density is ultimately the key to preventing crabgrass.

Each lawn is different, so we recommend a tailored fertilization approach. The process includes applying fertilizer throughout the growing season at specific intervals based on your lawn’s needs, soil type, and local climate conditions.

A lawn assessment involves our licensed technicians evaluating your lawn’s overall health, including soil composition, nutrient availability, turfgrass species, potential pests, and any existing problems. We will provide personalized recommendations based on our findings.

We employ a comprehensive weed control strategy that includes pre-emergent applications to prevent weeds from germinating and post-emergent treatments to target existing weeds.

Our pros can eliminate most insects and garden pests, like grubs, ants, and spiders. We do not treat for termites or wood-destroying insects. SunBlest Lawn Care uses targeted, eco-friendly products for each treatment and provides recommendations to prevent future invasions.

Lawn aeration relieves soil compaction and allows water and nutrients to penetrate deep into the root zone. Aeration promotes strong root development, leading to a healthier and more beautiful lawn.

Overseeding after aeration provides an ideal environment for grass seed germination. The process fills in thin and patchy areas while improving turf quality and resistance to diseases and pests.

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