Crabgrass Control Services

When crabgrass overwhelms your lawn, you need SunBlest Lawn Care. Our team’s expertise at crabgrass control in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding areas goes unmatched. Get an instant quote online or call us at (317) 279-4829 if you’re ready to take back control of your lawn.

Crabgrass Control Services in Indianapolis

Our Proven Crabgrass Treatment Process

At SunBlest Lawn Care, we use tried and true methods for crabgrass treatment so you can have a lush and beautiful lawn all year. Our method includes:


Pre-Emergent Treatment

We apply pre-emergents in early spring to tackle crabgrass seeds germinating in your lawn before they sprout. Our Premiere 6 and Premiere 6+ programs include a second pre-emergent treatment in the spring to maintain a strong barrier.


Post-emergent Herbicide

If crabgrass breaks through in the summer, we use select post-emergent herbicides to directly target and eradicate the weed without harming the surrounding lawn.


Regular Monitoring and Maintenance

Customers using our programs receive ongoing inspections to monitor the effectiveness of our treatments, offering season-specific services year-round.

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Benefits of Our Crabgrass Removal Service

Taking control of your weeds with a crabgrass removal service not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your lawn but also allows your grass to thrive by:

  • Conserving Vital Nutrients. By preventing crabgrass growth, we allow your lawn to soak up the water, sunlight, and nutrients it needs without competing with weeds.
  • Preventing Soil Erosion. Crabgrass has shallow roots that weaken the soil’s structure, leading to topsoil erosion. Our control methods reduce this threat.
  • Enhancing Your Lawn’s Appearance. Subduing crabgrass improves your yard's uniformity and rich green color.

How to Prevent Crabgrass

To implement crabgrass weed control, we recommend the following practices:

Proper Watering

Overwatering promotes crabgrass growth, so we suggest a watering schedule that delivers deep water sessions less frequently.

Regular Mowing

Maintaining the proper grass height is another technique we recommend to prevent crabgrass, as keeping your lawn too short can encourage the weed’s growth. Recommended mowing height is 3" or more.

Timely Fertilization

Giving your lawn the proper nutrients boosts its health and makes it more resilient to invasions.

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Seeding Bare Spots

Crabgrass loves bare patches, so aeration and our combined aeration and overseeding services address thinning areas and discourage unwanted growth.

Healthy Soil

Ensuring your soil’s pH level and fertility are well-balanced keeps crabgrass at bay.

Watch for Pests

Pests like ants, and spiders can destroy your lawn, but we can take care of them.

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We proudly provide exceptional lawn care services, creating beautiful, well-maintained landscapes that meet our clients’ needs and satisfaction.


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As an Indianapolis-based lawn company, we understand the specific needs and challenges of maintaining lawns in our region.

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SunBlest Lawn Care is committed to providing you with the highest quality crabgrass control services to ensure a verdant and robust lawn year-round. Our certified lawn professionals work tirelessly to understand your turf’s unique needs and will help you choose the treatment plan and lawn care services that are best for you. Contact us at (317) 279-4829 to get started. We are located in Indianapolis, IN, and serve the surrounding areas, including Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Broad Ripple, Zionsville, and more.

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